Professional Arboriculture Consulting Across the U.S.

Aspen Arboriculture provides arboriculture consulting services to customers throughout the nation. I am a professional arborist that can provide tree planning services, expert witness and litigation support, risk assessments and more. Aspen Arbo provides consulting services lawyers, insurance groups, government properties and more.

Consulting Services
• Expert Witness & Litigation
• Tree Risk Assessments
• Tree & Landscape Appraisals
• Arborists Accident Investigations
• Arborist Safety

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Arboriculture Consulting
As a professional arboricultural consultant, I know my way around a tree. I can provide comprehensive consulting services from tree appraisals to the diagnosis of a sick tree to tree damage investigations and plant health care consulting and support. If a tree dies, I’m the expert to call for forensic investigation. In addition, Aspen Arboriculture provides tree planting and protection plans as well as risk assessments.

Arborist Safety
Working in the tree care industry can have a high risk. Luckily, Aspen Arboriculture can provide safety programs and safety consulting to prevent injury to arborists. I can tailor a safety program to your exact needs as well as provide demonstrations and training for safe work practices. If an injury occurs, Aspen Arbo is the expert to call for arborist accident investigation and expert witness and litigation support.

Urban Forestry
Aspen Arboriculture provides complete urban forestry consulting from policy recommendations to management plans. Municipalities, HOA’s, arboretums, golf courses, land managers and estates trust Aspen Arbo for tree analysis, appraisal, inventory, and emerald ash borer management.

If you are interested in consulting services from Aspen Arboriculture, contact us today to learn how we can help you!