Organic Lawn and Landscape Care Product – PURITEA

PuriteaHaving good soil is more than just black dirt, healthy soil is as much a living thing as our plants. There are more micro-organisms in a cup of healthy soil than there are people on earth! Chew on that’n for a minute!!

In urban landscapes (especially new developments), the soil is degraded, compacted, and basically, destroyed. Lawns and landscape plants are then often kept green and looking good by huge amounts of cheap urea nitrogen which is really only a cover-up of the underlying problems.

Puritea is an 100% Organic Landscape Performance product that acts like a fertilizer up front (beautiful and green lawns and plants), but its main feature is that works to balance the landscape ecosystem by focusing on what is so often missing in urban landscapes. Healthy, living soil.

Puritea aids in correcting poor soil issues. Puritea is specially ‘brewed’ by me right here in the Sioux Falls area. It is formulated to have all the necessary fungi, bacteria, amoeba, protozoans, bacteria, and other microorganisms that is often missing from urban soils. It also contains just enough of the natural nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (along with other micro-nutrients) needed to keep your lawn, garden, shrubs, and trees green and happy right away. But over time, it will reduce soil compaction, increase rooting depth of plant roots, create the beneficial fungal relationships found in healthy forest soils, break down organic matter, and unlock nutrients within the soil, providing continual, FREE fertilizer.

Puritea can be utilized in a variety of ways. But its best use is in replacing traditional lawn fertilizing programs. There are lawn fertilizing services in Sioux Falls that apply cheap urea 4,5,6 times a year! Puritea will keep your lawn looking great with 2-3 applications a year. And over time, your lawn will be the first to be green in the spring, the last to go dormant in the fall, and green and happy all season long.

Lastly, the greatest benefit, is that Puritea is ORGANIC. Completely safe, environmentally friendly, and no chemical risks. And, you’ll use less water on your landscape over time too!

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