Tree Health Depends On Soil Health

Trees evolved in forests, where their needs are met perfectly. Trees in the forest are fertilized annually with nutrients provided by the decomposition of fallen leaf litter, twigs, branches and logs.

This process becomes disrupted in urban settings. Raking and disposal of leaves every fall deprives the soil of its chance to renew and build fertility. Lowered levels of nutrients in the soil can reduce a tree’s ability to collect energy, grow, and defend itself against pest attack.

The prominence of turf grass is also a major factor affecting tree health in urban settings. Studies have demonstrated that roots of grass plants are aggressive competitors for water, nutrients and rooting space in the soil. Trees growing without competition from grass grow five times the volume of roots in a given area compared to trees with grass growing around them.

Building Health Soil in your Landscape
There are some very specific things that can be done to help improve soil health and structure in an urban landscape. Aspen Arboriculture has developed its own products and processes to deal with soil health issues as well as some key recommendations to provide in order to build those healthy soils.

These programs and services can be utilized as a stand alone prescription or as a complete program to help stressed or sick trees. It is best applied as an entire landscape care package.

Puritea is our very own organic landscape fertilizer. Often times our prairie soils have all the necessary nutrients that our plants need, but because of the harsh conditions the life necessary in soil to make those nutrients available is lacking. Puritea is applied to your landscape to provide that beneficial micro-biological life to your soil unlocking its potential to feed your plants and promote healthier root systems.

Activated Organic Matter
Urban soils are often void of the necessary organic matter levels that trees need in order to thrive. We make a specific composition of compost, biochar, and specific moisture management compounds that we may prescribe as a top dress to your landscape to increase organic matter levels and work in conjunction with Puritea.

Deep Core Aeration
Poor root growth and soil health is often directly related to soil compaction. New home construction and activity in our landscapes compacts soils and make it almost impossible for tree roots to grow, expand, and thrive in urban environments. After some basic testing, we may prescribe a deep core aeration to de-compact the soils around trees critical root systems to help them thrive. The process augers out a 1.5” hole located every 2 feet and goes down up to 15 inches. This improves the soil structure and allows valuable oxygen down to the roots so they can grow and thrive.

Reach out to us today to help you create a plan to improve the soil health so that your trees have everything they need to thrive.  Serving the Sioux Falls, South Dakota and surrounding areas.