Changes to Service – New Partnership

Service Changes

Business Partnership

We have now partnered with Action Lawn and Action Tree Service. We have worked out an agreement where they will be providing most basic plant health care services for my customers. Those services will be under my direct control. Everything my customers have experienced with spraying or treatment services in the past will be exactly the same, except I won’t be doing the work. Action will be using my science based protocols. I will be also providing consulting, training, education, and oversight to Action’s employees and treatments, so they can better serve their customers. I will also be providing tree care consultations to Action’s customers.

The largest change my customers will see is that Action will be billing for the services they perform directly. However, if there are any questions or concerns with the treatments or level of care your trees are getting, you can talk directly with me (Sam 605.759.6020) or Ryan (Owner of Action 605.231.1425 or 605.498.9510).

Additionally, I will now have a tree care company (Action Tree Service) to refer pruning or removal services. They will be able to perform work at my direction and within my specifications. This will help with you being able to find a company to perform quality pruning, removals, or other tree work, and to ANSI A 300 standards.

Why the Change?

Last year, I was inundated with request to diagnose and look at customers sick trees in Sioux Falls. At one point I was booked out a month. Also, given my levels of experience and qualifications, the demand for additional consulting from other businesses are becoming more in demand. I made this change because it will give me opportunity to provide more consultations and less time providing treatments.

This change also will also allow me to separate more from the services side of tree care and to be more of a consultant and information provider. My goal is to be the source for unbiased and accurate tree care information. So that you, the tree owner, can make a decision on care that best suits your needs, budget, and goals for your landscape.

Also, this partnership allows Action to grow and serve by having my knowledge and expertise be the driving support for proper and accurate care among the other services they provide. They have the drive and ability to become very professional in the services that I recommend and prescribe. A large concern that I had when making such a partnership was that treatments would be done up to standards that I expect. And Action has made that commitment. The employees are becoming ISA Certified Arborists. They have attended training sessions with me to learn the proper treatment techniques. And Ryan is a good and honest person and businessman, he does what is right and not easy. He treats his customers with respect and wants to provide accurate and quality service. I feel my customers will be happy with the service they receive.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact me: Sam Kezar,  605.759.6020