Fall Tree Planting

The best shot a tree has at long term survival starts with proper and careful planting.

The best shot a tree has at long term survival starts with proper and careful planting.

It’s getting to be that time! September is here and one of the best times to plant a tree, other than bare root trees in the spring, is now through freeze up. Like most of us, I don’t have a lot of time, so here are some quick tips for when you make the best investment in your landscape. These are in order of importance too!

1. Plant at the proper depth.   So in other words, do not bury the tree. Plant it, thoughtfully. The part of the bottom of the tree where the roots start and the trunk starts to flare out is where the soil level should be. Do not bury up to where the graft is and for your trees sake, do not go by where the soil level is in the pot or bundle of soil and burlap. They often get buried at the nursery. Lastly, the wider you dig the hole the better.

2. Water. Water it. Not too much and not too little. I could explain more, but the easiest way is to stick your finger in the dirt. If it’s dry, water. If it’s soggy, wait a day or so. And if that is too much work, it should get about an inch (like in rain) of water about once a week in well drained soils. Also, make sure you water through the fall until the soil temp goes below 40 degrees F (about early November in the Sioux Falls area).

3. Buy a great tree. Don’t go get the cheap rejects from the concrete jungle buildings. When it comes to trees you get what you pay for. Plus, those trees that have sat all summer barely having been watered by some teenager more interested in what’s walking by than how healthy the trees are, are likely so stressed they may not make it through the winter no matter how well you plant and water them. Even though they look good now.


Again, I could go on and on with a bunch of other major tips, but the kids are likely breaking something downstairs…

So if you want to learn more, give me a call and I can walk you through it step by step. 605.759.6020 www.aspenarbo.com  sam@aspenarbo.com