So An Arborist, An Attorney And An Insurance Guy Walk Into Your Yard…

Reasonable, Realistic, Objective, Unbiased. These are the core attributes within my process of doing a Tree Appraisal.

Sam Kezar is South Dakota’s only ISA Board Certified Master Arborist (MW 4503B) and Qualified Tree Appraiser. He has the necessary skills and relevant industry experience to accurately document and explain the necessary information relating to the appraisal of the tree(s) in a wide variety of situations.

Sam has valuable experience and proven, repeatable results in appraising wind row or conservation grade plants commonly found in the upper great plains landscapes. He also has experience in forested settings as well as many different cases involving the wide variety of urban trees in yards and city parks.

All tree appraisals are done in accordance with the “Guide For Plant Appraisal (9th Edition)” and come with a full report explaining the process, techniques and justifications for the appraised value of the tree(s).