Covering your aspen since 2006.

I know my way around a tree. But then again, most people do. What separates me from the pruners and climbers, however, is my experience across the gamut of tree care and arboricultural concerns.

I’m the expert—and expert witness—you call for any professional arborist service you need covered.

As an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist (MW 4503B), Sam Kezar has the necessary skills and expertise to provide accurate, unbiased, reasonable, and trustworthy tree related information. He has the necessary skills and relevant industry experience to accurately document and explain the necessary information relating to the wide variety or tree related issues that may end up in a legal case or insurance claim.

Sam has and is willing to testify in court or in depositions and has build a solid reputation within the upper great plains as the expert people rely on when there is a tree related conflict or dispute.

Aspen Arboriculture can provide consulting services and information in a wide variety of issue with professional and detailed reports. The common areas are as follows:

  • Tree Failure Investigation and Analysis.
  • Trespass and Damage to Trees or Habitat including:
    • Chemical Trespass.
    • Fire Damage.
    • Pruning Damage or Tree Removal.
  • Tree and Landscape Appraisals following the “Guide for Plant Appraisal (9th Edition).”
  • Disease, Pest, or Tree Health Diagnosis.
  • Arborist or Tree Work Related Accident or Death Investigation.

All Arboriculture Consulting cases taken by Aspen Arboriculture are given priority within our Consulting Agreement over all other Plant Healthcare Services. Contact Sam to get a copy of the Consulting Agreement and Curriculum Vitae (CV).