The tree care industry is a very high risk job. Finding out the root causes of an incident takes experience and attention to detail.

Sam Kezar is a leading safety expert in the arboriculture industry. His Masters degree focused on Aerial Rescue protocols and arborist safety statistics within the tree care industry. Since that time, Sam has gained even more valuable industry experience in safety, productivity, training and education, and emergency preparedness for arborists.

  • A TCIA Certified Treecare Safety Professional (192) and an Instructor for North American Training Solutions, Sam shares his valuable safety and safe productivity knowledge and experience with arborists all over North America.
  • Sam knows and understands all the applicable ANSI and OSHA laws and regulations. He will be able to investigate the incident and come to an understanding of what happened and why, objectively.
  • Sam is also an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist (MW 4503B) which is the pinnacle certification within the industry as it relates to understanding trees and Arboriculture.
  • Sam is a certified Instructor with TCIA on presenting Electrical Hazard Awareness Training to arborists who wish to preform line clearance tree trimming.

Sam has been retained in the past to investigate matters where an injury or death has occurred while doing tree work. Sam can provide detailed reports of the incident and consult and testify on matters of safety compliance, proper and safe work procedures, or other safety or industry related matters.

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