Root Collar Excavation

If girdling roots (roots circling and choking the trunk of a tree underground) are suspected to be the cause of damage or symptoms to a tree, Aspen Arboriculture uses a compressed air tool called an Air Spade to gently remove the soil around the base (root collar) of the tree to diagnose the problem. Often times root pruning is then performed to fix the issue.

This process is also used to de-compact and aerate the soil around the base of the tree to encourage more root growth and to incorporate organic material to the soil to improve the roots of the tree.

Forest Floor Service

The majority of a tree’s biomass is underground in its root system. Since trees cannot move they must survive by adapting to the soil conditions in which they are placed. Urban situations stress a tree’s ability to maintain and regenerate root health, which is re ected in its above ground appearance. Aspen Arboriculture has developed a Forest Floor Service that promotes  brous root growth for greater capacity to acquire water and nutrients from urban soils, resulting in increased tree health and vigor.

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Soil Health

Trees evolved in forests, where their needs are met perfectly. Trees in the forest are fertilized annually with nutrients provided by the decomposition of fallen leaf litter, twigs, branches and logs.

This process becomes disrupted in urban settings. Raking and disposal of leaves every fall deprives the soil of its chance to renew and build fertility. Lowered levels of nutrients in the soil can reduce a tree’s ability to collect energy, grow, and defend itself against pest attack.

The prominence of turf grass is also a major factor a ecting tree health in urban settings. Studies have demonstrated that roots of grass plants are aggressive competitors for water, nutrients and rooting space in the soil. Trees growing without competition from grass grow ve times the volume of roots in a given area compared to trees with grass growing around them.

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If your soil tests for nutrient deficiencies, Aspen Arboriculture may prescribe a fertilizing plan designed to specifically fill the void of nutrient(s) that is deficient. Fertilizing may not always be necessary, but can be a limiting factor in your trees’ ability for health or susceptibility to pests or disease. Our nutrient rich fertilizer product, PURITEA, can improve the soils structure and allow for more nutrients to become available for your trees, which is often the case in the Sioux Falls area.

A Pro-Biotic liquid compost that feeds your lawn and improves soil health, naturally.

PURITEA is a 100% organic compost tea that is formulated and made at our office. It acts as both a fertilizer and a biological soil enhancement product.

    These benefits result in healthy, living soils. And healthy soil means healthy plants.

    • Increases microbiological activity in the soil.
    • Balances soil pH and unlocks essential nutrients.
    • Increases rooting depth and overall root system health.
    • Promotes healthy fungal and bacterial root/soil relationships.
    • Improves natural nutrient cycles.
    PURITEA is best used as a replacement to your traditional lawn fertilizer programs.

    • Only 2 to 3 applications necessary per year!
    • Applied as a liquid with no wait time for kids or pets!
    • Minimal chemical use to control weeds in separate applications.
    PURITEA is a wonderful root system enhancement product for trees.

    • Spring and Fall deep root injections to add the necessary organic matter and nutrients your trees need to thrive in harsh, urban environments.
    Trees, Shrub, Lawns, Vegetable Gardens, Flower Gardens along with others.

    • All natural
    • 100% organic
    • No smell or residue
    • Environmentally friendly